#DiversityBingo2017 Update!

Hi everyone! In case you don’t know what #DiversityBingo2017 is: I, along with a few others on Twitter are hosting a year-long challenge to read more diverse books! The aim is to try to read as many of the categories in the photo below as you can in the year! There are 36 squares, all with a different prompt, as such. To complete a square, all you have to do is read a book that fits the square. Although not all squares are labelled specifically #ownvoices, it is very much encouraged that you try to read as many #ownvoices novels as you can!

This is the original board:


And this is my progress so far (haven’t updated my last 3 reads):


I’ve read a total of 23 books so far in 2017, and all of them count for one square or another, so for the rest of this blog post, I’m actually going to list the categories I’ve covered and what books I’ve read will fit into each. Note: whilst some of the books will double-up across categories, it is recommended when doing the challenge that one book only counts for one category.

Books with * at the end= #ownvoices

Romance With A Trans MC

SFF With Disabled MC

MC With An Underrepresented Body

Neurodiverse MC (#ownvoices)

Bisexual MC (#ownvoices)

MC With an Invisible Disability

MC of Colour in SFF

Free Choice

  • All of the books I’ve read could count for this category, but I’m going to include books here that may not fit into other categories
  • LAST SEEN LEAVING by Caleb Roehrig*

Own Voices

  • I’m not going to make a list for this one, but any book that I include in any other categories that have a * next to them would also fit this category!

Book By Author of Colour

Black MC (#ownvoices)

LGBTQIAP+ MC of Colour

PoC on the Cover

There we have it!  These are all of the books I’ve read so far this year, sorted into which #DiversityBingto2017 category they would fit in! I still have quite a few squares to go, but books on my TBR over the next couple weeks will definitely fit some of those!

If you’re participating in #DiversityBingo2017, how are you going so far?! If you have any recommendations for any particular categories, definitely let me know and I’ll check them out!

until next time


2 thoughts on “#DiversityBingo2017 Update!

  1. Huntress of Diverse Books says:

    I am still reading Solar Storms for indigenous MC category – I only read it while commuting and usually cycle, so I never get to it. But it is amazing, it’s a beautifully written book, very descriptive and you really understand how the different women are experiencing life. But I’d recommend that for the square.

    I’m actually going to be reading If the Dress Fits this week!

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