Review Policy & Contact

If you’re an author or publisher wishing to contact me about review copies, please read this page before contacting me!

First and foremost, I’ve dedicated the last few months to reading and reviewing diverse books- books by and/or about people of colour, native people, LGBTQIAP+ people, disabled people, neurodiverse people, etc. I am more likely to accept review requests if the book is diverse. However if a non-diverse book does interest me, I would be happy to review it as well.

As I’m from Australia, I understand it may be hard to send me physical copies, so ebooks are definitely fine. Indie and self-published authors are also welcome!

I am just beginning to branch out into New Adult + Adult fiction and I also read some Young Adult fiction as well.

Genres I am interested in:

  • Contemporary
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Thriller/mystery

I will be 100% honest in my review of your book and will be as nice as possible with my critiques. If I love the book, you can be guaranteed I will promote it across all platforms- my blog, my Instagram and my Twitter.

If you’d like to contact me for a review copy, you can message me on either my Instagram or Twitter above, or you can send me an email at: novelparadise(at)outlook(dot)com

Thank you so much,

-Taryn @ Read With Taryn